Can You Wear Sterling Silver to Bed?

Sterling Silver is a popular metal used in everyday jewellery but how much do you really know about the material? Sterling silver is alloyed with copper and other metals to harden the material as fine silver on its own is too soft to be used in jewellery. There are many great things about sterling silver that make it an ideal choice for shoppers looking to adorn the shiny lustre of silver that will not perish or fade at an affordable price. 

Silver has many great qualities including its versatility and affordability. You can wear silver jewellery with just about any outfit, and it can easily be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Given this, it is the perfect material to incorporate into your everyday ensemble.

Although, people are continuously battling with jewellery that seems high quality until they have worn it for a couple of weeks and all of a sudden their jewellery has discoloured or even turned green! If this happens, it is likely that your jewellery is not real sterling silver but a cheaper alloy of metals. 

Wear and forget. Can you wear your sterling silver jewellery every day? Or even to bed? Read on to find out more!


How to tell if my jewellery is sterling silver?

Sterling silver has a distinctive colour and shine that suits anyone! But with so many phonies out there, how can you tell if your jewellery is high quality? High-quality sterling silver contains 92.5% silver content. The remaining 7.5% is alloyed with a variety of metals such as nickel and copper. This type of silver is durable, stunning and will not perish, fade or tarnish easily, meaning that you can wear it and forget about it!

Generally, there will be a “925” stamped somewhere on your piece which will indicate that it is genuine 925 sterling silver. You can usually find this stamp on the back of pendants, on the inside of rings and on the clasp of bracelets. It is important to note, however, that it is not compulsory (even in Australia) for companies to hallmark their jewellery with this symbol. 

Silver that contains less silver and more copper or nickel will begin to cause you problems in everyday wear. Copper oxidises very quickly, which causes the green residue that you may have experienced before (very annoying!). This is never a nice discovery, especially when you have been so excited to wear your new pieces.

Can I wear my silver jewellery to bed?

Jewellery that is genuine sterling silver, whether that be silver earrings, silver necklaces, silver anklets or silver bangles can be worn to bed and really all day, every day! There is no reason why sleeping in your favourite jewellery will cause any damage to the quality of the metal, nor should it cause skin irritations. 

However, you will need to be careful when you are sleeping that you do not cause any physical damage to your jewellery. When you are sleeping, jewellery can easily get caught or snagged on, which could cause potential breakages in clasps and chains

How can I retain the quality of my jewellery?

While sterling silver jewellery will not perish with everyday wear, there are some tips that will help your jewellery retain its colour and shine over time. There is a chance that you will experience some discolouration and tarnishing with constant wear and especially if your jewellery comes into contact with certain chemicals. 

Sterling silver is okay to be in contact with plain water, however, there are some materials that you should avoid contact with such as sunscreen, shampoo, cleaning agents, soap, chlorine, bleach and salt water. The ingredients of these products will cause your silver to tarnish. 

However, do not worry! You can easily clean your jewellery to restore it to its shiny lustre.

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Genuine sterling silver is a fabulous metal to wear every day as it has many benefits. Sterling silver is gorgeous, versatile, affordable and extremely durable. If you look after your jewellery and make sure that you avoid contact with certain chemicals, your jewellery can be worn all day, every day with no issues! You can even wear your sterling silver jewellery to bed. However, be cautious of getting your clasps or earrings caught while you sleep, as this could cause damage to your favourite pieces. 

Can you wear sterling silver earrings every day?

Yes, you can wear sterling silver earrings every day. In fact, many prefer to wear their diamonds and other precious gems in sterling silver instead of gold or platinum, because it’s easier on the skin and less likely to irritate. However, it is important to note that sterling silver is not an allergy-free material and it does contain nickel that some people are allergic to. The best way to prevent any irritation from wearing your sterling silver earrings is to give them a quick clean with a polishing cloth every time you remove them.

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