Can You Wear Silver In The Pool? & Other FAQs

It’s always best and strongly advised to remove your silver jewellery before heading to the pool for a refreshing dip.  While your silver jewellery might look great with your beachwear, it’s prone to tarnish and may even become damaged by exposure to saltwater, hot tub water or chemically treated water.  The latter remains true for the precious 925 Sterling Silver which can withstand natural water submersion but is prone to oxidation (darkening) when it is exposed to chemically treated water.       


Can you wear silver in the pool?

The short answer is No. You should never wear your silver jewellery in the pool, or any other body of water that is chemically treated, this includes saltwater pools and seawater but if you do, here's how to clean silver jewellery.

Can you wear 925 sterling silver in the pool?

While 925 sterling silver can withstand the natural water from a shower, it should never be worn in a swimming pool or any other body of water that is treated, such as a hot tub or mineral spring.  Even the beach is a no go for this precious metal as the saltwater will react to the metal causing oxidation to occur which will cause your luscious 925 sterling silver to dull and darken. 

Can you wear real silver in the pool?

Real silver is a pure, soft metal that is prone to oxidation, particularly in places where there is high humidity.  Like its counterpart, sterling silver, real silver should never be worn in the pool or any other body of water that is chemically treated.  Exposure to a treated water source will induce tarnish and cause your precious silver jewellery to blacken. 

Can you wear a silver necklace in the pool?

It is never a good idea to wear a silver necklace in the pool as it will cause it to tarnish.  Unfortunately silver does not fair well in water, particularly water that has been chemically altered with chlorine and other treated chemicals, salt water is also one to avoid. Over-exposure to these water sources may even damage the necklace, so it’s best to remove that silver before heading for a splash.    

Can you wear a sterling silver chain in the pool?

Let’s be clear, No! You should not wear a sterling silver chain in the pool as the chemicals in the water will damage your chain causing it to oxidise and tarnish over time.  This remains true for any mineral-treated pool as the saltwater can be corrosive and leave a residue that will need to be quickly removed with fresh water and dried thoroughly.  Remove your sterling silver chain before entering any kind of pool or treated body of water.  

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