Silver bracelets are a staple in any jewellery wardrobe, but which hand should you wear them on? There is no right or wrong way to wear any kind of jewellery, whatever you think looks good and suits your day-to-day activities is what you should wear. However, there are some subjective opinions on what looks the best as well as spiritual meanings that you can choose whether you abide by or not. 

In Chinese traditional culture, silver bracelets have a meaning of good fortune, therefore, many people wear silver bracelets on their left hand in an effort to exorcise evil spirits and bring good luck. 

Moreover, a watch is typically worn on your non-dominant hand, therefore, if you are right-handed, your watch will be worn on the left hand and vice versa. Usually, watches and bracelets are not worn on the same hand due to cluttering and everyday comfort.

Really, it is possible to wear silver bracelets on any hand. So you should choose the hand that best suits your daily life, and doesn’t interfere with watch wearing. 

At silver chic we have lots of different bracelets to choose from including tennis bracelets, charm bracelets, chain bracelets and heart bracelets, so you can create the perfect curation that reflects your style and personality.

Some of Our Favourite Silver Bracelets

Sterling Silver Figaro 1:3 ID Bracelet in 19cm

We love a classic Figaro chain that has a bar for engraving. Engraving is a great way to personalise your jewellery and give it the special touch that is unique to you. Some choose to engrave a name, while others choose to adorn a special date, the options are unlimited. 

Sterling Silver Figaro 1:3 Heart Padlock Bracelet

A classic piece, this adorable silver bracelet is a Figaro chain with an elongated link between three smaller links. It is a durable chain that looks elegant on the wrist. Complete with a heart pendant that is adorned with an intricate cutout pattern, this bracelet looks amazing on its own or paired with other silver pieces.

Sterling Silver Fancy Infinity Adjustable Bracelet

An adorable design, this infinity bracelet is a simple, yet sweet piece. The infinity pendant is symbolic of everlasting and eternal love, making it the perfect gift for someone special. Complete with an adjustable sliding clasp, this bracelet is great for all-day comfort.

No matter which hand you choose to wear your silver bracelets on, they will look stunning and complete your overall jewellery curation. Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone special, a silver bracelet is a must-have. 

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