Spring Jewellery Essentials for Silver Lovers

Spring is an exciting season where the weather begins to cool from the scorching summer, and the nature around us sets into full bloom! Spring fashion is one of our favourites to style because of the soft pastel colour scheme that is usually inspired by the nature that’s all around. Spring is the perfect time to give your jewellery wardrobe an update, and it’s all about silver! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite essentials for this spring, and we know that you are going to love them as much as we do. 

Spring Essentials:

Statement Earrings

Nothing says spring quite like the perfect pair of statement earrings. Now, “statement” can mean many different things to different people. To some, a pair of statement earrings could be incorporating some bling with diamond earrings or cubic zirconia earrings, whereas “making a statement” to someone else could mean a pair of colourful exuberant earrings that scream for attention. This spring, we urge you to take a step outside your comfort zone and try something new - go for a pair of earrings that you wouldn’t normally reach for. You might just find a newfound love for a style or design, spring is all about new beginnings after all!

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite fun pieces, but you can explore our whole range of huggie earrings, hoop earrings and stud earrings online!

Ania Haie Sterling Silver Glow Getter Huggie Hoops Earrings

Keep up with the trends with these adorable huggie earrings with dangling drop pendant. These earrings are unique and fun yet classy at the same time! You can dress them up or down to suit whatever the occasion is. Think a flowing floral dress with a sun hat and chunky boots paired with these gorgeous earrings and a matching pendant necklace. Dainty, elegant and refreshing, the perfect way to start the new season. You can also pair these earrings with other hoops and studs to create your own layered look. These huggies really are a must-have in your spring wardrobe.

Sterling Silver 50mm Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings

Go big or go home with your hoop! While you may be inclined to only wear oversized hoops with your party outfits, we are here to tell you that oversized hoops are taking over. A stunning pair of oversized hoops will tell the world that you know your fashion choices and they’re a great way to add oompf to your outfit. Take a casual look to the next level with these diamond cut hoops that have a beautiful reflection in the light. Grab your favourite (and comfiest) straight leg jeans, a heeled boot and your cosiest cardigan to create the perfect crisp spring morning fit! These earrings are a year round investment, and you will be surprised how often you’ll be reaching for them.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Fancy Leaf Ear Curve Stud Earrings

During spring, new life is all around us, from new little animals to flowers blooming left, right and centre. What better way to celebrate than with a beautiful pair of leaf earrings. This piece is especially on trend because of the way that it crawls up the ear. Each leaf is embellished with a dazzling cubic zirconia stone that will really stand out in direct sunlight. We think that these earrings look the best when worn on their own or in your outermost piercing to make the most of the curved illusion! In fact, you can even pair these studs with your new pair of oversized hoops.

Layered Necklaces

You’ve probably gathered many, many necklaces over the years, but are you utilising them to the best of their abilities?! Necklace layering has well and truly secured itself as a timeless and classic styling choice that we think will continue to be cool for many years to come. Our favourite thing about necklace layering is that you can make it completely your own with an indefinite array of possibilities! This spring, try to go for a choker, and 1-2 other chains and pendants that really embrace your personality. Initial jewellery is a great starter, and a way to add personalised touch to your look, on the other hand, you could go for a splash of colour to commemorate the joyful and exciting time that spring is! Our gemstone jewellery is stunning and lets  you choose from a range of colours from the purple of amethyst to the green of emerald as well as beautiful pearl necklaces that have once again reached popularity.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Initial "A" Pendant

Initial jewellery is a great way to add something more thoughtful and meaningful to your necklace layer. Many people choose to wear their own initial or that of someone they love, the options are endless of what you can do with initial jewellery. This spring, take your jewellery wardrobe to the next level with jewellery that you can wear for decades to come, a piece that will never go out of style. Our favourite part of this pendant is that it is embellished with glittering cubic zirconia stones that add sparkle to the look. If you don’t want to go for a letter pedant, you can also choose to wear a cubic zirconia necklace or heart necklace with a subtle pedant that has the same hint of glitter.

White Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Pearls, pearls and more pearls! We can’t get enough of them. Pearls are one of those trends that continually go in and out of style for various generations, and the stunning white lustre of pearls which were once reserved for the older generation are finally being appreciated by young people once again! Pearls are so special because they are the only gemstone that is formed entirely from a living creature, making each pearl completely different from the next. A choker necklace like this one here will keep you at the top of your fashion game, and look beautiful when paired with a sundress or even a pair of dungarees. It's an instant jewellery game-changer, and we know that once you try a pearl necklace, you won’t want to go back.

Rose Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Fancy Choker Chain

This one is a *little* different from our other options, but we think that in the year of 2023, if you’re not mixing metals, what are you doing?! Gone are the days of being told that you can only wear one colour of metal (although, if that’s what you like to do, absolutely go for it - cohesion is so satisfying). Rose gold, with its blush tones and lovely feminine pop looks amazing when paired with silver, so a rose gold necklace is for sure a must-have this spring. This choker chain is perfect for layering because of its adjustable chain, meaning that you can customise it to suit all your needs!

Charm Bracelets and Subtle Rings

Now that the big stuff is out the way, you can start focussing on the really nitty gritty details of your style! Bracelets and rings go hand in hand with one another because they sit so close together, the best way to choose them - is together. Spring time is the perfect time to start your charm bracelet, it’s still the start of the year, which means that you can begin collecting for various milestones throughout 2023 including birthdays, graduations, promotions and anniversaries. Meaningful, thoughtful and stylish, what more could you possibly want from a bracelet? When picking rings to go along with your charm bracelet, it’s best to go simple with a touch of bling. Maybe you want to keep it classic with diamond rings and cubic zirconia rings or add a splash of colour with a gemstone like garnet rings

Sterling Silver Thomas Sabo Charm Club Fine belcher Bracelet 18.5cm

This Thomas Sabo charm bracelet is amazing quality. Crafted in Germany with incredibly high quality materials, Thomas Sabo knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to charm bracelets. The belcher chain links are comfortable to wear on the wrist and spaced out enough that you can very easily attach your favourite charms. This bracelet is one that you can even wear on its own, it's that beautiful. Explore our range of charms if you want to spice it up. There are so many to choose from, we know you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Channel Set Infinity Ring

This infinity ring is everything that we love about cubic zirconia rings. The smooth finish of sterling silver pairs wonderfully with the glitter of cubic zirconia stones that line this ring. The centre features an infinity symbol that is interwoven with the ring to create a beautiful design. The infinity symbol generally symbolises eternal love or connection, so whether it is a gift for someone else or a present for yourself, you can step out each day knowing that you are rocking an adorable token of love.

Now is the perfect time to update your jewellery wardrobe and take your springtime outfits from outdated to refreshed and on-trend! Silver jewellery is popular among many and its crisp white tone and shiny lustre is sure to win you over!

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