Does Silver Go With Rose Gold?

Described as the jewellery trend that “won’t go away”, consumer demand for rose gold has continued to boom, with manufacturers from all fields implementing the colour scheme in their production lines. Whether it’s rose gold’s feminine appeal or its luxe appearance, it seems that we just can’t get enough of rose gold. And not just in our jewellery; it’s in the technology we use, our clothing and even our food!

Now, we’d like to introduce you to the burgeoning trend of combining rose gold with silver jewellery.

If this all seems a bit much for you, no need to fret as we’ll explore how to make this pairing work for you now. Keep reading to find out, does silver go with rose gold?


Does Silver Go with Rose Gold?

Until relatively recently, mixing metals was frowned upon in the jewellery world. However, this rule has started to dissipate, with ‘outside of the box’ trends being implemented, admired and followed by jewellery manufacturers and consumers alike.

One of those trends, as you guessed it, includes combining silver with rose gold jewellery.

Now does silver actually go with rose gold? The answer: it does. Although, if you’re not completely convinced let us first understand the two metals’ colour psychology and their complementary status on the colour wheel.

Does Silver Go With Rose Gold: image of a rose gold ring

The Colour Psychology of Rose Gold and Silver

Rose gold’s first appearance was in late 19th century Russia when jeweller Carl Fabergé created his highly decorative eggs, called the Fabergé Eggs, combining yellow gold with copper. This soon led to rose gold being referred to as “Russian gold” and though this moniker has fallen out of use, it is said that rose gold’s luxurious beginnings is said to be the reason why its colour is associated with wealth, class and decadence.

Silver, which is reported to have been first discovered approximately 5000 years ago in Anatolia, now modern-day Turkey, is said to be associated with wealth too but also clarity, honesty and purity. These latter qualities are said to be attributed to silver’s antibacterial properties.

Now that we’ve got an understanding of their colour psychology, it’s time to turn our attention to the colour wheel.

Does Silver Go With Rose Gold? - colour psychology

Silver and Rose Gold on the Colour Wheel

If you’ve ever taken a glance at a traditional colour wheel, you may be aware that metallic silver doesn’t actually appear on it. However, its non-metallic counterpart, grey, does.

Since silver is considered a neutral colour like black and white, it easily complements a range of colours including rose gold.

Similarly, rose gold’s hues of soft pink make lighter colours like cream, white and grey perfect complementary colours, which further supports the case for teaming silver with rose gold.

Does Silver Go With Rose Gold? - colour wheel

How to Style Rose Gold and Silver Jewellery?

When it comes to styling rose gold and silver jewellery, there are no hard and fast rules; the most important factor in pulling off a new or edgy look is to accompany it with confidence.

That being said, we have provided below a few easy ways to implement this contemporary combo in your next jewellery ensemble.

1. Start Small

We understand the hesitance of trying out a new look so our first recommendation is to start small.

Begin with a bracelet such as a two-toned silver and rose gold bracelet like the one below. From there, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous you can try pairing this bracelet with either a pair of silver or rose gold plated silver earrings. This combo achieves a playful yet subtle ensemble and is perfect for those eager to traverse the world of rose gold and silver pairings.

2. Time To Layer

While minimalist jewellery remains universally popular, another trend you may be familiar with is the art of layering. From necklaces to bracelets, bangles and rings, layering not only provides a fashion-forward and sophisticated look but also the illusion of opulence.

When it comes to layering rose gold and silver jewellery, we suggest beginning with necklaces. For example, you could combine a rose gold choker, one long silver necklace and another longer rose gold necklace. Pairing these three necklaces achieves a seamlessly balanced and embellished ensemble.

3. Keep In Mind Your Outfit

Ok so we know that silver definitely goes with rose gold, but it is also important to consider how these colours will interact with your outfit. Generally, if you’d like your jewellery emphasised more than your outfit, consider wearing some plain jeans paired with either a white or black top. This pairing acts as a blank canvas allowing your jewellery to really shine through.

Now if you’re after a look that puts both your jewellery and outfit front and centre, consider wearing rose gold complementary colours such as light blue, purple and cream.

So there you have it; you are now equipped with the basics of how to seamlessly combine rose gold and silver jewellery for a chic, fashion-forward and contemporary look.

Remember as well that these points are only suggestions and we encourage you to try new styles and get creative!

As we say, it’s you who brings jewellery to life and not the other way around.

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