Do Sterling Silver Rings Stretch Over Time?

If you’re planning on wearing your sterling silver rings for everyday wear then you may be concerned with how well they are going to hold up over time. Thankfully sterling silver is extremely durable and does not oxide or corrode, therefore, you don’t need to worry about pesky green skin or jewellery that just slowly melts away. It's affordable and versatile, but does it stay the same shape and size over time?

We’re here to clear up some confusion about whether a sterling silver ring will stretch over time if you wear it consistently, and also whether you can get it stretched - on purpose!


Will Silver Rings Stretch Over Time?

Sterling silver is alloyed with elements like nickel and copper that increase its toughness and durability to stop from doing exactly that! While your ring may fade over time without consistent care, it should not stretch and get larger from regular wearing. Rings that are yellow gold on the other hand are much softer and more malleable, which means that they are more likely to deform. 

Keep in mind that your fingers fluctuate size constantly depending on a variety of factors including blood pressure, the temperature and even how much water you have drunk, so it's not uncommon for your rings to sometimes fit perfectly and then other times not at all. If your rings have become too small or too big you can sometimes take them to get resized. 

Can Sterling Silver be Resized?

Good news! Rings that are sterling silver can be resized, unless they are plated. This is because plated jewellery contains different materials, sometimes copper or brass, that is underneath the silver and generally, this material is not malleable. In saying that, if your ring is completely silver then you can definitely get it resized smaller or larger. You should always take your jewellery to a professional jeweller to get it resized to ensure that your ring stays safely intact. Not only this but jewellers can measure the desired ring size exactly so that it fits snug on your finger.

Just another reason why we love sterling silver SO much. It’s affordable, quality, shiny, pretty and with proper care, will last a long time! Over time your ring will maintain its shape, but if you do need to get it resized then you can take it to your local jewellers.

At Silver Chic we have a huge range of stunning sterling silver rings, from engagement and diamond rings to pearl and signet rings, there is something for everyone. 

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