Wow, it’s already time to start Christmas shopping? Crazy how fast time flies. With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of precious silver jewellery featuring the classic white, red, and green Christmas-spirited colours.

We’re going to give you a bunch of festive jewellery where you’ll see a mix of classy and fun so if you’re shopping for yourself, a child, or someone else special in your life you’ll find something for them and have shiny new things to show off at the family catch up this year.

So let’s get cracking, want to know our best Christmas offerings, so you can make your friends and family happier than ever?

Christmas Jewellery Ideas:


What screams Christmas more than an elegant silver necklace? Give someone special a surprise on Christmas morning. See their face light up when they open up that beautifully wrapped gift box while sitting in front of the lit Christmas tree.

The first item on the list is this engraved love heart sister pendant is the perfect gift for your sisters. Show them how much you care for the relationship with this dazzling pendant. Set with Zirconia it has all the benefits of a diamond minus the cost. The perfect choice for those on a budget. 

Our 220 gauge sterling silver chain is a great gift for a man that loves chains. This chain is incredibly bold and stylish with its heavy gauge. The links lay flat against the skin so it will still be comfortable to wear every day.

A perfect chain for him to open up on Christmas morning, let him know how much you care with this outstanding piece.

Know someone that’s obsessed with Christmas? This is perfect for those who love to spread Christmas cheer around this time of year. The Christmas tree pendant is a classic that will come out every year for sure.

Brighten up everyone’s Christmas day with this necklace, once it's on it will be spreading the Christmas spirit to everyone in the family.


Why not celebrate this special day with a shiny new silver ring? Whether it's for him or her, these rings will certainly spread the Christmas cheer. These rings are a standout and will take your outfits to the next level.

This classy gents ring is perfect for a man that likes a clean design with a little sparkle. Set with three brilliant cut diamonds, this will leave a man feeling classy and sparkly. Think about it, it’s the perfect ring to give on Christmas.

If you know someone who loves rose gold this could be the ring for them. The pear shaped zirconia centrepiece compliments the rose gold beautifully. This is the perfect gift for someone that is classy, elegant, and wants to add a bit more sparkle into their daily life.


Looking for silver earrings to pull an outfit together or something fun for the kids? These are great choices, you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

Shopping for a child? These vibrant butterfly earrings would make a great gift for a kid that's fallen in love with butterflies. Match these fun earrings with the personality of who’s receiving this awesome gift.

These festive-coloured Thomas Sabo Earrings would make an amazing gift for someone that loves an elegant classy look. The big emerald-coloured gemstone would make someone's Christmas morning feel even more special. 


What’s better than giving someone a silver bracelet to open up on Christmas morning? Nothing, it’s the perfect gift to receive and when you see the person's face light up when you see them open up these presents on that special morning it will all be worth it.

This flower and love heart bracelet is a great gift for a kid whose favourite colour is pink and who loves to have fun with their jewellery. Get them something to remember you by as this will be a daily carry for years to come.

A bangle is the perfect gift for a jewellery lover and would fit in beautifully with their collection. This curved bangle has been set with zirconia all along the front edge and features a unique curvy clasp that brings the whole look together.

With this comprehensive list of Christmas jewellery, you should be all set. Everyone you know will be thanking “Santa” but we both know who’s really been buying the presents.

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