Spiritual Benefits Of Wearing Silver

For centuries, people have not only fawned over jewellery for its vibrance, beauty and timelessness but also for its many beneficial properties. We’ve covered the potential health benefits of wearing silver previously, so now we’re going to investigate the spiritual benefits of wearing silver.

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The Spiritual Benefits Of Wearing Silver

Referred to as the metal of emotions, healing and love, silver jewellery is not only believed to bring the wearer patience and perseverance but also provide balance and protection.

One culture that places particular value on the spiritual benefits of wearing silver is Indian culture. Many women and men in India will wear pure silver and sterling silver jewellery to reap the astrological, spiritual and healing benefits of wearing silver. 

Not only is silver jewellery worn in India to improve circulation, prevent colds and regulate body temperature but it is also worn to attract positive energy. Hindus wear silver rings featuring pearls for astrological reasons, which we’ll explore more later, and many people have started to wear what is known as silver Kada.  

So, what is a Kada? What is the purpose of wearing the Kada and which day should you wear a silver Kada?

What Is A Kada?

A Kada, also known as a Kara, is a thick bracelet made of gold or iron. In Sikhism, the Kada is one of the five objects used to symbolise one’s faith and is also worn to symbolise an unbreakable bond and unwavering commitment to God. 

Although traditionally worn by members of the Sikh faith, in recent times, Kada made of silver has gained popularity as a fashion accessory among members of other religions.  

The Kada first served as a protective ring originally worn by Khalsa warriors during battle to help guard their sword wielding-arm, however, now it is worn by Indians for an array of spiritual and astrological reasons.

Astrological Benefits Of Wearing Silver Kada

Indian Astrologers also believe that wearing silver will: 

  • bring good luck and good fortune
  • help hot-tempered people become calmer and less aggressive
  • maximise focus and reduce nervousness
  • aid the flow of an individual’s body
  • attract positive energy and repel negative energy. 

Which Day To Wear Silver Kada

In Hinduism, there are rituals to dictate how and when to wear silver. For instance, when you purchase it, you must do so on a Thursday as this marks the day of worship of Lord Vishnu and Lord Dattatreya in Hindu culture. 

Upon purchasing the silver ring, the wearer must ensure it is activated by soaking it in water and leaving it in a puja room (a room of worship) overnight. The wearer then holds a prayer ceremony to help determine how they want the silver to serve them, whether it be for healing, protection, strength, calmness or just simply luck. 

Some wearers will even dip the piece into some sawdust to remove any prior energy while also helping solidify that it belongs to them.

For Hindus, the most common times to wear your silver in order to energise it are on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays are significant as it is a day upon which many choose to fast. It is also an auspicious day as it is said to be in honour of Lord Shiva, the ascetic God who lives in the mountains of Kailash. And while Hindus have the option to pray to whichever deity they connect with most on any day of the week, Mondays are typically reserved for worshipping Lord Shiva. Monday is called Somvar in Hindi which translates to ‘day of the moon’ and as a result, many Hindus will also use this as an opportunity to wear a silver ring due to the connection between silver and the moon.

Fridays are also an ideal day to wear silver as, not only does it follow the day of worship of Lord Vishnu and Lord Dattatreya, but Fridays are also associated with Devi or the worship of Goddesses. In Hindu culture, Friday is the day believers will generally worship female deities or the Mother Goddess, Mahalakshmi, Santhoshi Ma, Annapuraneshwari, and Durga. Therefore, Fridays are a particularly auspicious day for many married women. The Goddesses that are worshipped on this day are said to bestow good fortune, wealth and remove any obstacles. Because of this, Fridays are generally the day where many Hindus will purchase new clothes (except for shoes) and wear silver jewellery. 

Wearing Silver For Rahu

Good health, good fortune and a sense of calm aren’t the only benefits of wearing silver. Hindus also wear silver jewellery to protect themselves from Rahu. In Vedic astrology terms, Rahu is the north lunar mode (ascending) and it is commonly referred to as a “shadow planet”. Within astrology, Rahu has no physical shape and is said to cause eclipses along with a lot of other misfortunes. 

Much like how many people believe mercury retrograde can cause things to go wrong and that full moons can make you moody, Rahu is said to induce laziness, create delays and hurdles at work, create confusion and put you into a depressed state. To prevent themselves from falling victim to the wrath of Rahu, it is not uncommon for people in Hindu culture to rely on the spiritual and astrological benefits of silver during this time. This is because silver is believed to be ruled by the moon and the moon represents our minds, therefore any instability caused by Rahu would occur in the mind before manifesting physically. 

Astrologers believe wearing a silver anklet on the left foot or a silver ring with pearl will not only help to calm down the wearer but also enable them to positively channel any Rahu energies while curbing any negative feelings or tendencies that Rahu may bring. Some also believe that wrapping silver chains around the left ankle not only energises and supports the ankle, but also supports a strong mind that will not be negatively affected by Rahu. 

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