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Morgalite Pink Obsidian Sterling Silver Rings

Discover Morgalite pink obsidian sterling silver rings at Silver Chic.

Morgalite pink obsidian is a beautiful form of volcanic glass with an amazing pink/orange colour. Paired with sterling silver, this miraculous mineral is reminiscent of the sundown, and of the sparkling light sun.

The elegant colour of morgalite pairs wonderfully with rose gold plated silver rings, with a shine and appearance to rival even silver diamond rings or cubic zirconia rings

Pink is the colour of love and joy, but there’s no better symbol of love than an engagement ring. See our special collection of silver engagement rings and other stunning gold plated silver rings and silver rhodium plated rings at Silver Chic. 

Australia, we’re here for all your silver jewellery needs, and you can even buy now and pay later with Afterpay to get the perfect Morgalite pink obsidian silver ring now.

What is morgalite pink obsidian?

Morgalite pink obsidian is a form of obsidian or volcanic glass. It gets its name from similarities to morganite.

Is morgalite pink obsidian good?

Morgalite pink obsidian has a beautiful colour and shine which makes it great for jewellery. It isn’t as hard as usual jewellery gemstones, so you should be careful not to wear it while lifting or working with hard surfaces, like at the gym.

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